Exchange 2013/2016 Readiness Tool

The Exchange 2013-2016 Readiness Tool.

This tool was created to check an existing 2010 Environment and ensure that everything is up-to-date and set for the preparation of Exchange 2013/2016 that will be introduced into the environment.

The ZIP file contains a PS1 file and a Scripts folder. This folder has the modules that I use to populate all the information in the Text/RichText Boxes.

This tool should ideally be run on a DC.

When running it for the first time, you will be presented with 2x Prompt boxes. 1 to read the Exchange PowerShell information and the other to enter the location of the Scripts folder.

Here is an example of the PowerShell Prompt: (Replace my server name with your own)

The second one is the scripts location: E.G C:\Scripts

Once the Sessions are loaded the Form will load. It will show the current user logged in as well as the permissions assigned. This is good to know as its impossible to remember what each user is part of which group.

On the form are a few buttons. Each one populates the boxes below it to give you the information.


What isnt working:

Export to Word, Excel and HTML. I will complete this is due course.

Some screenshots:

2013-2016 Readiness A 2013-2016 Readiness B

To download the ZIP file you can head over to the Gallery:

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4 Responses

  1. Jim Zaino says:

    How do you read the:

    Here is an example of the PowerShell Prompt: (Replace my server name with your own)

    What server are you pointing to? How would create the url?

    I am very new to powershell

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