This post outlines an error I received while building my new Lync lab. Here is the error:

  • “Cannot open Service Control Manager on computer ‘vr-eb-sql-ap01’. This operation might require other privileges.”

First thing I double checked was that my account was part of the correct groups being CSAdministrator and RTCUniversalAdmin as shown below: *Also make sure you have rights in SQL*


Another thing to take note of if you are installing Lync Server 2013 Standard, your pool name needs to match your frontend. In my case I am installing Lync Server 2013 Enterprise so my pool name can be different. Here is the error when you try publish the Topology:



When clicking on View Logs on the top right hand side we can see the errors below:



The Solution:

Login to the SQL server that has given the error and disable the windows firewall. I disabled it in control panel as well as disabling the service.

After that perform a reboot of the server and then try publish the topology again. This time it should complete as shown below:


Hope it helps.