Having multiple sites I look after and having Exchange 2010 running in each site the last thing you want to do is backup a corrupted Exchange 2010 Database. The nice thing with DPM is that you can run ESEUTIL and this ensures that everything on the Database is in a good state.

If you don’t want to run ESEUTIL, you will need a  disaster recovery plan in place which is like restoring the database from time to time and see if you can mount it

I noticed that 2 of the sites did not have the option selected on the Exchange Protection Groups. If the files are not in the DPM/bin directory you will get the following error:

Dpm 2012 & eseutil for exchange 2010

It is very easy to fix this error, you first need to copy ESE.dll and ESEUTIL.exe to the DPMbin directory (quick shortcut to the folder is to right click the icon on the desktop for DPM and click on “open file location”) from your Exchange server (Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14Bin).

Once the files are copied you can modify the protection group and select the option for running ESEUTIL and follow all the prompts to update the group.

Hope it helps.

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