Windows Insider preview 19035 and 19037 were released close to each other.

In Build 19035 the watermark was removed from the bottom righthand side of the screen, although mine still shows. I have linked the URL’s to both above on the changes and fixes.

I noticed with my test machine that the camera didn’t work first time on both builds, this happened on previous ones but was stable for a while.

I am not going to talk about the length of the updates as they are pretty much the same on each build.

What I did notice on both builds was the Feedback Hub just sits there thinking and nothing updates. I left it running for an hour and the blue dots across the top of the screen just keep running.

Turning on dark mode system wide that can be done in Settings, seemed to hang my machine and eventually showed the page.

Other than that the system was running okay.

Happy updating.


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