Welcome to the new build of Insider Preview 19030. The big change in this update is Cortana on Windows. There are some general changes and known issues in this preview and of course the Anniversary badges. Read all about it here.

I went to check for the update and it was already downloaded and waiting to be installed. I didn’t need to do anything 🙂

Not so fast, it actually went and downloaded the file again. Anyway, the updates ran as normal and when the time came to reboot, the usual.

I noticed about 5 reboots in this build, whereas the other builds had 1 or 2.

Login was pretty slow this time round. I couldn’t even click the start button. Nothing happened. It was like an icon placed there.

2 more reboots and the start button was working. The camera on my other machine wouldn’t work the first time either, only a few rounds later it started to work.

Nothing new to report, the same issues from the previous build are still there.

Happy updating.



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