We are back with another update to windows insider, insider preview 19013.

Windows insider preview 19013

Like the previous build, 19008, download was seamless and quick and installation as well.

Windows insider preview 19013

There are number of fixes in this release and some new features like:

  • More kaomoji
  • PowerToys v0.12 now available!

The PowerToys is really interesting as one of the features is bulk renaming of files which is pretty awesome. You can read the full set of updates, fixes and known issues here.

There were really only 2 updates on the Microsoft store and on this build it did not timeout or give an error. Updates ran without error.

The fans seem a whole lot quieter as well, sometimes with the updates they go mad and stay like that until the next update.

Applications tested out like the Camera, Store, Steam, Outlook etc. all work fine.

Other than that, no issues encountered so far. Testing still in early stages.

On the previous build, running it for a few days, the only thing noticed was that Outlook would not close properly when you click the X button in the right hand corner.

Happy updating.

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