This preview is filled with so many new features and items. You need to take a look at the Microsoft Blog.

I ran this update on my machine with no battery charger attached. I wanted to see how long it would last, well it lasted the entire installation and configuration and after everything it was still at 50%..Not too shabby.

This release has many exciting features, one of my favourites is the fact that you can now see your storage usage:

Windows insider preview 18990

Other things to take note of is that notes now syncs to your account. There are new changes in Battery settings and the on-screen keyboard.

The search feature has been improved as well. Themes now has a link to the Microsoft Store directly within Settings.

Notepad has had improvements as well. I still don’t have the dark theme in notepad.

Small things like the Mail icon in control panel still showing Outlook 2016 and not the new 2019 version.

Other than that, I am still going through things but have not had any blue screens or desktop crashing yet. The fans on my machine this time did not spin up a storm with the update.

Happy updating



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