Yesterday the new Insider Preview was released, downloaded it this morning on my one machine:

Windows insider preview 18980.1

So what is new in this update?

  • WSL Improvements.
  • General overall performance improvements.

What have I noticed on this build?

On a positive note, the windows store is super fast on this build. Previous builds the store was very sluggish and took forever to download updates for apps.

  • The general feel of opening apps etc. is great.
  • Task View is not crashing like it did last time.
  • Adding a new mail account text overlay is fixed.

The download and install took quite a while.

The fans on my machine went full blast and even after the reboot they stayed high. My virtual machine does not have that issue with cpu and memory spiking.

What I noticed is still not resolved:

  • Control panel still reports Mail (Outlook 2016) but the machine is running Office 2019
  • Notepad dark theme still not available.
  • Office updates crashing from within the application.
  • Disk cleanup menu request not available yet.
  • Highlighting large files request not available yet.

I hope they will add the options suggested.



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