Today I downloaded and upgraded my Windows 2022 Server (DC Role) in my lab to the latest Windows Server Insider Edition. This is test lab so I would not recommend installing preview versions on production servers.

As with Windows 11 Insider Preview, there are new features that come out you can test, actually picked up a bug in the setup that shows Windows 11 after you resume the setup which is in the screenshots. Below are the steps performed, this machine has 4GB ram, 4CPU’s and 60GB HDD and the upgrade to the latest Windows Insider Server build took less than 45 min.

Shown above, the ISO image downloaded from the Microsoft Website.
After opening the ISO and launching the setup, you are presented with the above. Click Next
The setup going through its process, checking for updates
You need to enter in your product key here for the Next button to highlight so you can continue, once you have put in the product key, click Next
Select your edition, Server Core or GUI and then click Next
Accept the license agreement and click Next
Select the option that suites you best and then click Next
Another window where the setup is processing information, once the Next button enables, click Next
The update now goes and checks for updates
Setup still busy, no input required right now
This is the build before the update
The setup stops at this point and you need to click the Enable button, nothing will appear to happen but all is done in the background. At this point you need to reboot the server, don’t worry, when you come back it will continue where it stopped
After the reboot, once you launch the setup again, you are greeted with this window, seems to be a splash screen that didn’t get updated, select the first option to Continue and then click Next
The splash screen heading is correct here, it will confirm the options and now you can click the Install button.
This window will open and it actually goes through pretty quickly and then reboots
After the reboot, the standard window with reboots and applying updates or installing the OS appears as shown above

After the reboot, we now have a watermark at the bottom right hand corner

Below is the build information after the update

My DC is still operational after the update, obviously I would not do this on a production server as mentioned but it is good to know that things still work. From what I can see is that your taskbar resets the layout after the update and you kind of have a Windows 11 feel to the server, the blue flower background but still quick with 4GB of ram.

Happy testing.

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By edward