I recently re-installed my machine instead of upgrading to 22H2, I enabled the Windows Insider option after 22H2 was installed. I am happy that the Task Manager option is now visible again when right-clicking the taskbar, not that I mind using the keyboard shortcut “ctrl -> shift -> esc”.

As you can see below, I am running the latest Developer build of Windows 11 Insider.

This is a very welcome feature as many people have been asking for it. I hope that you welcome this change as well. Take note that the Windows 11 Insider Preview builds can be “problematic” sometimes and you should be aware you may need to reinstall your machine sometimes so if you have anything saved, make sure you are saving to OneDrive or SharePoint so if it does happen, you do not lose anything.

For those interested what is new in this build, you can also view the blog post by the team below:


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By edward