This guide shows you how to enable Enterprise Voice for a user. A user that doesn’t have this activated and tries to set a pin receives the error outlined below:


There are a few things we need to check:

  1. Ensure that the Telephone field in Active Directory has a number populated for the user.
  2. Ensure that Enterprise Voice is enabled for the user in the Lync Control Panel.
  3. Ensure that the Tel: field in the Lync Control Panel is populated.


  • As shown above, the telephone number field has to be filled in.


  • In the Lync Control Panel, as you can see we have to select:
    • Telephony:- Enterprise Voice
    • Line URI:- Enter in the number as we have it in Active Directory.
  • In this case I am enabling a new user with the correct information but you can edit a current user in Lync and select the options and fill in the number.
  • Click Enable or Commit.
  • Wait for Replication to take place.

Go back and find the user, click on the user and then click the Action and then click set Pin.


  • Select the first option and then click okay.
  • Ensure you wait for replication.

If you try now the user should be able to set a Pin for the conference call.

Hope it helps.

By edward