Keeping your Exchange servers up to date is crucial for maintaining a secure and efficient email communication system. Microsoft regularly releases Cumulative Updates (CUs) for Exchange Server 2019, and one of the latest updates is CU14. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of updating to CU14 for Exchange Server 2019 and highlight the list of items that this update fixes.

The Importance of Updating to CU14 for Exchange Server 2019

CU14 for Exchange Server 2019 brings several improvements and bug fixes that enhance the overall performance, stability, and security of your Exchange environment. By updating to CU14, you can:

  • Ensure the latest security patches are applied, protecting your Exchange servers from potential vulnerabilities.
  • Benefit from performance enhancements and optimizations, resulting in faster email delivery and improved user experience.
  • Resolve known issues and bugs, reducing the risk of server downtime and improving the reliability of your Exchange infrastructure.
  • Stay compliant with industry standards and best practices by keeping your Exchange servers up to date.

List of Items Fixed in CU14 for Exchange Server 2019

CU14 for Exchange Server 2019 addresses various issues and bugs that have been identified since the previous update. Some of the key items fixed in this update include:

  • 5035439 BlockModernAuth does not respond in AuthenticationPolicy 
  • 5035442 Exchange Mitigation Service does not log incremental updates
  • 5035443 Read receipts are returned if ActiveSyncSuppressReadReceipt is “True” in Exchange Server 2019
  • 5035444 System.argumentnullexception when you try to run an eDiscovery search
  • 5035446 OAB shadow distribution fails if legacy authorization is blocked
  • 5035448 MCDB fails and leads to lagged copy activation
  • 5035450 Exchange 2019 setup installs a outdated JQuery library
  • 5035452 Usernames are not displayed in Event ID 23 and 258 
  • 5035453 Issues in Exchange or Teams when you try to delegate information
  • 5035455 MSExchangeIS stops responding and returns “System.NullReferenceExceptions” multiple times per day
  • 5035456 “Deserialization blocked at location HaRpcError” error and Exchange replication stops responding
  • 5035493 FIP-FS Proxy Customizations are disabled after a CU or an SU update
  • 5035494 Modern attachment doesn’t work when web proxy is used in Exchange Server 2019
  • 5035495 OWA displays junk operations even if junk mail reporting is disabled
  • 5035497 Edit permissions option in the ECP can’t be edited
  • 5035542 Remote equipment and room mailboxes can now be managed through EAC 
  • 5035616 Logon events failure after updating Windows Server
  • 5035617 Transport rules aren’t applied to multipart or alternative messages
  • 5035689 “High %Time in GC” and EWS doesn’t respond

How to Update to CU14 for Exchange Server 2019

Before updating to CU14, it is essential to review the system requirements and prerequisites outlined by Microsoft. Ensure that your Exchange environment meets the necessary criteria for a successful update.

To update to CU14 for Exchange Server 2019, follow these general steps:

  1. Download the CU14 update package from the official Microsoft website.
  2. Prepare your Exchange servers for the update by performing a reboot to clear any pending requests.
  3. Disable any antivirus or security software temporarily to prevent interference during the update process. (Symantec EDR does block the ISO or EXE)
  4. Run the update package on each Exchange server in your environment, by either using the GUI or elevated command prompt.
  5. Monitor the update progress and ensure that all servers are successfully updated.
  6. After the update is complete, perform thorough testing to verify that all Exchange services and functionalities are functioning as expected.

It is recommended to perform the update during a maintenance window to minimize any potential disruptions to your email services.


Updating to CU14 for Exchange Server 2019 is essential to keep your Exchange servers up to date, secure, and performing optimally. By applying this update, you can benefit from the latest bug fixes, performance enhancements, and security patches, ensuring a reliable and efficient email communication system.

Remember to review the list of items fixed in CU14 to understand how this update can address known issues and improve the overall stability of your Exchange environment. Follow the recommended steps provided by Microsoft to update your Exchange servers smoothly and minimize any potential downtime.

By staying up to date with the latest CU releases, you can ensure that your Exchange Server 2019 remains a robust and secure platform for your organization’s email communication needs.

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