Today I got my hands on SQL 2014. I decided to upgrade my System Centre Configuration Manager Server.

It took a couple of hours as SQL 2008 R2 needed to be on SP2 and SQL 2012 R2 needed to be on SP1.

After 2.4GB’s of updates the SQL 2014 checks passed. The upgrade from SQL 2008 R2 or SQL 2012 takes about 30-60 min.

After the upgrade I rebooted the server, upon starting up SCCM I clicked on the Monitoring tab and went to Reports and lone and behold I was presented with a SOAP error.

I removed the Reporting Services Point, rebooted the machine and the event log was flooded with alerts that SQL Reporting was not functioning. I then attempted to Add the Reporting Services Point back and it wouldnt show the SQL Reporting Services Instance.

Upon some investigation I found CU1 for SCCM 2012 R2. After I applied this I rebooted the server, logged back in and then configured SQL Reporting Services. I made sure that it was looking at the correct DB’s which is ReportServer.

I then stopped and started the Reporting Service, waited a few minutes and no more errors were logged. I went back into SCCM -> Monitoring -> Reports and all 469 reports were showing.

Upon running them I didn’t get a SOAP error again and the reports showed correctly.

Hope it helps.


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