Outlook: New emails going to a different folder vs the Inbox

In outlook you might encounter a problem where new email is going to a different folder rather than going to the Inbox as it should. There are a number of things to try, we will show you some below.

Option 1:

  • Running the /cleanrules switch. You can try this to fix the problem:

  • Simply clicking Start -> Run will give you the box above and you can run the command.

Option 2:

  • The next option is to check if there are archiving settings enabled:

  • Click on File on the top of outlook and then click Options as shown above.

  • Click on the advanced option and then select AutoArchive settings as shown above.

Check if any settings above are set.

Option 3:

Try creating a new profile or setting up the users profile on another PC to see if the same happens.

Hope it helps.


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