Prerequisites List (Active Directory Server):

  • Install Server 2012 R2 Operating System.
  • Join server to the domain.
  • Install AD Services Roles
  • Promote the Server to a Domain Controller.

 Installing the Roles:

Open up Server Manager on your New 2012 R2 Server.


  • Once the server has initialized all its roles then click on Manage as shown above and then click on “Add Roles and Features”


  • Read through the information (if you knew to this), to continue click Next.


  • Select “Role-Based or feature-based installation” and click Next.


  • In my case I had multiple DC’s, I selected one, after that click Next.


  • Click on Active Directory Domain Services


  • Click “Add Features” and then click Next.


  • Review the summary and then click the Install Button.


  • Installation Starting.


  • Installation completed.
  • Click on “Promote this server to a domain controller”, you can either use the hyper-link above or click on the yellow exclamation in Server Manager next to the refresh button.


  • I chose option 1 “Add a domain controller to an existing domain”, then click on the select button to select your domain. After this click on change and enter the details of a Domain Admin. Once done click the Next button.


  • Select if this is a DNS server. Type in the DRSM password and store this password. Click the Next button.


  • Verify the information and click Next.
  • Review the options and then click Next.


  • The prerequisite check will run, you can view the warnings and click the Install Button.


  • Progress screen. This will replicate all information.


  • The above screen will appear when the installation is complete and your server will automatically restart after a min.
  • After the restart you will have a new domain controller in your environment.

Moving all Roles to the new DC:

To find which servers hosts what roles you can open up and elevated prompt and run the following:

  • netdom query FSMO

It will return the following information:

  • Schema Master                   DC Name
  • Domain Naming Master       DC Name
  • PDC                                    DC Name
  • RID Pool Manager               DC Name
  • Infrastructure Master           DC Name

After this we can run one command to move the roles to a new Domain Controller. Open up an elevated PowerShell Window and run the following:

  • Move-ADDirectoryServerOperationMasterRole -identity “DC Name” -OperationMasterRole 0,1,2,3,4

After that you can go back to your elevated prompt and query FSMO and it should show the name of the DC you moved the roles to.