Outlook mail is and has always been one of the platforms used for Exchange. Users connect to your environment whether it’s on-premise or hosted and they send/receive mail every day. One day they get a message saying the mailbox is full, so you archive the users mailbox.

Once done you have a PST file for example with a size of 10GB. Your user is happy they have a clean mailbox to fill up again but one day they launch outlook and cannot access the PST file as it is corrupt.

As mentioned in a previous post, you can run the scanpst.exe file that comes with the installation of office to try and repair it. If that method fails you can always look at a 3rd party alternative to try and repair the corrupt .PST file.

This tool is called “Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair”. It is so easy to install and use. If you would like to know more about this then click on the link below:

They support almost all versions of outlook starting at Outlook 2000 all the way to Outlook 2016.

The installation is quite simple, just follow the prompts and then launch the tool at the end of the setup.

When the application starts you will be presented with the screen above, click on the browse button to locate the damaged .PST file. Alternatively you can click the Find button if you not sure on the location.

Once you have located the .PST file, it will show in the path above. Click the Repair button now.

This tool is lighting fast, even though I had a small .PST file, it literately finished in seconds. I am sure it might take a bit longer with larger .PST files. Once the scanning is complete, you will see the above window. Click on OK to dismiss it so you can continue saving the repaired file.

Click on the “Save Repaired File” button, take note you need to have a licensed copy of the software to proceed with this step.

Once it has completed saving, you can now attach it back to outlook to access all your information again.

Hope it helps.

By edward