Yesterday I ran CU3 upgrade for Lync Server 2013 on my Front-End Server.  After the upgrade I noticed that the Front-End Service was stuck starting.

In event viewer the errors were just rolling over like informational alerts. I ran a repair, that did not work. I rebooted again, nothing.

I then uninstalled all components of Lync (You might be thinking where are your backups, I do have them). Rebooted the server and then started the install again. Step 1 was pretty easy as I still had my DB’s. Step 2 became tricky. All prerequisites were satisfied until it came time to install Server.MSI. This is the error I got:

“Lync Server Installation Error. Error installing Server.msi feature (Server.MSI) code 1603”

The error 1603 means a permission error. I verified the account I was running was an Admin account, nothing really changed. Made sure that none of the windows features got uninstalled (you never know with updates). All seemed fine.

I then stumbled across 2 installs that were still sitting under programs and features. Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API. I uninstalled these 2 components, went back to my Lync Server 2013 installation and Server.MSI plus everything else installed perfectly.

I proceeded to Step 3, assigned my Certs and voila, Front-End Service started like a charm and all Lync clients started connecting again.

Hope it helps.

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