This simple guide shows you how to grant a user access to an admin role in Exchange 2013:


  • Login to the Exchange Admin Center.


  • Step 1 ->Click on Permissions on the left hand side.
  • Step 2 -> Click on admin roles.
  • A list of roles are shown. In this example we will grant a user access to View-Only Organization Management.


  • Step 1 -> Click on View-Only Organization Management.
  • Step 2 -> Click the Pencil to edit the properties, you can also double click the name and it will give you the same result.


  • The following splash screen will come up.
  • To add a member to this list scroll down till you see Members and then click the + button as shown above.


  • In this example we are going to add Test User 1.
  • Step 1 -> Click on the user as shown above.
  • Step 2 -> Click on the add button.
  • The name will populate in the box next to the add button.
  • Click on ok.


  • As shown above Test User 1 now shows under the list of Members.
  • Step 1 -> Click Save.


  • Back in the EAC if you click on View-Only Organization Management, the right hand side window will show the list of members.

Hope it helps.