Grant Full Access Permission to a Mailbox in Exchange 2013

In Exchange 2013 there might come a time when you need to grant full access to a users mailbox. A PA might need access to his/her managers mailbox or another user needs access to a mailbox. In this example we will show you how to grant access using the Exchange Admin Center and the Exchange Management Shell.

Grant Access from the Exchange Management Shell:


  • Step 1 -> Click on Recipients
  • Step 2 -> Click on Mailboxes
  • Step 3 -> Click on the mailbox where you want to grant access.

Once you have located the mailbox you can double click it or click on the pencil.


  • Once you have the properties window open for the user, the general page will show.
  • Click on the mailbox delegation tab on the bottom right.
  • Now click the + button under Full Access.


  • Once you click the + button the window above will show.
  • Select the user that you want to have full access and either double click the user account or select it and then click on the add -> button. this will insert the account into the text box highlighted.
  • Once done click the ok button.


  • As shown above the user you just selected now shows in the box of users that has full access.
  • Click the Save button for the change to be applied.
  • A Please Wait… mini splash screen will appear while the changes are applying.
  • Once complete you will return to the screen where all the mailbox are.

Granting Full Access using the Exchange Management Shell:

  • Add-MailboxPermission -Identity Test_User2 -User Test_User1 -AccessRights FullAccess

Hope it helps.

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