Exchange – Server Prerequisites (Applies to 2010/2013/2016) Tool

Installing Exchange with all its prerequisites can be something of a daunting task for new Exchange Administrators.

I created a PowerShell script that has a tab for each version of Exchange as well as the prerequisites for PowerShell and additional software that needs to be installed. Having a tool with everything in 1 place makes it easier.

The PowerShell Script has a clipboard feature that copies the text easily and can be pasted into PowerShell. Each button downloads the files to C:\Downloads folder. You can modify the script to download to your location of choice, just remember not to change the filename.

Here are some snippets of the tool:

Exchange 2010:


Exchange 2013:


Exchange 2016:


This is the window that appears when you click one of the buttons to download the file:


C:\Downloads folder:


You can head over to the Technet Gallery to download the file:

Hope it helps.


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