Exchange 2019:- Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus commands missing.

Today I started up my lab and first thing that I check is the Database availability group (DAG), but when I tried to run the command, it wouldn’t pipe to complete it and I was presented with this error:

In the Exchange Management Shell, I then ran the command below to see what command I could actually run:

  • Get-command “Get-mail*”

Notice that the command Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus is missing along with the others.

I then launched Active Directory Users and computers and Navigated to the Exchange Security Groups and checked the Organization Management Group, my account was listed. Nothing changed so not sure why it was doing this.

Checked the event logs, no errors. Removed my account from the Group above and waited for Active Directory to Sync and then added it back. Still no luck.

Next step was to install Windows Updates on Server 2019. There was a new CU and a security update for .NET framework. I know this would not fix anything but just to make sure, after the update, the commands were still missing.

Installed Exchange 2019 CU3, no change.

Removed cached information from APP data, no change.

Launched the Exchange Management Shell as another user and the command works without error:

It seems like something went south with my account. I reset the password of the account and no luck still.

What is weird though, when the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) loads, you don’t get the blue bar on the top with all the modules loading.

From within the Exchange Management Shell (EMS), I ran the command below:

  • Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.SnapIn;

If I then run the command it works but only in this session.

Looks like i need to re-create my account.

Hope it helps.

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