In Exchange, adding a simple mail account would be a simple process, you enter in your information, email address and password and you confirm it and then outlook does it’s checks with autodiscover etc. and if successful your account sets up and you are able to login.

In Exchange 2019 and Outlook 2019 this by far is for me most easiest account setup process ever.

Launching Outlook 2019, it goes and looks for your account. Here are a few screenshots of the process..

Launching Outlook 2019 and you are greeted with the above window, note this was done on a domain joined machine.

It found my step is to click the Connect button.

Now it does all the hard work for you 🙂

After a couple of seconds all is complete and you can click the Ok button to for Outlook 2019 to start.

Outlook 2019 is connected to Exchange 2019 with no sweat..

Running a quick Test Connectivity check from Outlook and you can see that we are connected using Mapi over HTTP and all tests succeed.

Hope it helps.

By edward