Recently a customer contacted us as they were having an issue.

When setting the forwarding option on a mailbox in there Exchange 2016 RTM environment, it simply was not applying.

We advised the customer to rather use the Exchange Management Shell and firstly check if the property was set but after checking, the field was not populated. To check for this you can run the following command:

  • Get-Mailbox -Identity | fl
  • or
  • Get-Mailbox | fl FowardingSMTPAddress,DeliverToMailboxandFoward

You can filter it more but if you look for the 2 fields below, you can see the values, in this case it was blank:

  • ForwardingAddress
  • ForwardingSmtpAddress

The next step was to try and set it directly from the EMS, here is the command advised to use:

  • Set-Mailbox -Identity “User1” -ForwardingSMTPAddress “”

After setting it, it runs without error, however nothing is set on Exchange. If you look at the account in the EAC, no forwarding set. Running the above commands to check the forwarding, no information populated.

Only 1 domain controller in the environment, no issues, servers were rebooted, waited 24 hours, still nothing populated on the account.

Checked the event log and no errors logged either. Only thing we presume now is a bug in Exchange 2016 RTM or a problem in the customers environment.

As this is RTM, we advised the customer to upgrade to the latest CU. Now the problem comes in where CU15 is not available anymore so you cannot get .NET to its right version and then upgrade to the latest version of Exchange 2016. They also advised the server was problematic, so the best option is to build a new server with the latest supported version of .NET, which is .NET 4.7.1 and perform a fresh installation and migrate the mailboxes across.

Hope it helps.

By edward