In legacy versions, when you logged into your mailbox from the web, it was referred to as OWA (Outlook Web App). In Exchange 2016, this is now called Outlook on the Web.

It is supported on most browsers on the latest version. Let’s take a look at what is new in Outlook on the Web.

The new and updated features that Exchange 2016 include:

  • New Inbox layout with single-line view and optimized reading pane, archiving capabilities, emojis, and “Undo” actions.
  • Improved calendar: an updated look with additional features. Email reminders for calendar events, the ability to propose rescheduling of events to invitee lists, improved search functionality, and birthday calendars.
  • Improved search functionality: includes search suggestions and filters. Users can find the information they want faster using search suggestions and refiners. Filters include date ranges, related senders, and more.
  • Themes: over 13 built-in themes.
  • Link preview: enables users to paste a link into a message, and Outlook on the web will automatically generate a rich preview to give recipients a peek into the contents of the web page. This works for video as well.
  • Contact linking: the ability to add contacts directly from a LinkedIn account.
  • Pins & Flags: these features allow users to pin messages to the top of their Inbox and flag others for follow-up. These organization tools allow users to quickly find and manage marked messages.
  • Performance improvements in creating calendar events, composing, loading messages in the reading pane, pop-outs, search, startup, and switching folders.
  • Action pane: allows users to quickly click those actions that they use most often such as New, Reply All, and Delete. New actions have been added including Archive, Sweep, and Undo.
  • Platform-specific experiences for iOS and Android devices.
  • Apps for Outlook to extend the capabilities of Outlook Web App, available for download in the Office Store.

Hope it helps.

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