Received a weird error this morning when trying to delete email, however it started with outlook with an error “Verifying Integrity of data” and it sat there for about 5 minutes before Outlook 2019 launched. (sorry missed the screenshot)

All seemed fine until I tried to delete an email from any folder, what is strange though, new email I was able to remove but not email in my mailbox, I got presented with this error:

Exchange 2016:- outlook 2019 error when deleting email.
Exchange 2016:- Outlook 2019 Error when deleting email. 1

The following was done to try resolve this:

  • Restart Outlook 2019
  • Restart Windows 10

The only real way to fix this was to remove the current profile and start up Outlook 2019 and setup a new profile. Some form of corruption on my machine but all working now, deleting emails or moving them to other locations works fine.

Hope it helps.

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