In your Exchange 2016 environment, if you have upgraded to Exchange 2016 CU8 or have done a fresh install of CU8, you might notice that Event ID 6003 is logged on the server, here is the error:

“UAPErrorLog: Failed to create the log directory: D:\ActivityLogs\UAPErrorLog because of the error: Could not find a part of the path ‘D:\’.. Logs will not be generated until the problem is corrected.”

If you notice, it is referring to the D:\ drive and most or almost all servers D:\ drive is the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive.

This problem was fixed in CU4 but seems to have shown up again in CU8 and seems to be present in CU9 as well. If you run the command below, you can check where your are stored:

  • Get-TransportService |fl *log*, *path*

This is a hardcoded event, if the D:\ drive is not present then the alert will be generated but can be ignored until Microsoft have fixed it, hopefully in the next CU, the error will be addressed.

Hope it helps.

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