In Exchange 2016, you may notice that you get Event ID 1006 logging often on your server. While I have not seen any issues when this alerts triggers, you can disable it, here is a sample of the error below:

To disable this alert, you can navigate to the install location of Exchange 2016 which by default is:

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Bin

In this location, you need to find the following file:

  • Microsoft.Exchange.Diagnostics.Service.exe.config

Make sure to firstly open notepad elevated and then open this file. You can now press <ctrl> + f to find text and search for “CatchupQueueTrigger”. Change the value from Enable: “True” to “False” and save the file.

You can now launch services.msc and restart the Microsoft Exchange Diagnostics service. The error should stop logging after this.

Hope it helps.

By edward