In Exchange 2016, you might notice that Event ID 1 logs often and the error you get is like the one below:

Exchange 2016:- event id 1 autodiscover
Exchange 2016:- Event ID 1 Autodiscover 1

If you run the command below, you will notice that the Internal and External URL’s are not populated:

  • Get-AutoDiscoverVirtualDirectory | FL server, *url*

Exchange 2016 does not use these and if you try and set them using the Exchange Management Shell, you will notice you do not have an option for Internal and External URL.

To remove the error logging above you can set it but you have to launch normal PowerShell (elevated) and then do the following:

  • Add PSSnapin for EX2010
  • Run the cmdlet

Here is the Snapin to run first:

  • Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010

Now you can run the command below to set the External URL:

  • Get-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory -Server mailserver1| set-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory -ExternalUrl https://wwwautodiscover.domain/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml

You can now repeat for the other servers and Event ID 1 will go away.

Hope it helps.


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