There may come a time when you have been requested to provide HR or your manager a list of mailboxes and their creation dates.

This is a simple task to do, lets jump right to it.

Firstly, launch the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) and enter in the following command:

  • Get-Mailbox * | Select-Object Name,whenMailboxCreated

You will get a list of all mailboxes as we used the * option in the command, you can narrow this down to one user if you need to as follows:

You can also use the “whencreatedUTC” object, remember that whatever your timezone the time might be different, for example, if we use the command with the “whencreatedUTC” switch it shows 2 hours behind, see below active directory properties:

If you double click on the value above you will see the box below, time shown in UTC.

This should also work for Exchange 2010 and 2013.

hope it helps.

By edward