The error in the description – “Flighting is not enabled for domain [email protected]…oauth_not_available” has been happening quiet often.

Right, so there are two scenarios where this can happen that I have encountered:

  • Hybrid Exchange (AD Connect – Azure)
  • No Hybrid

How did you find that error you may be wondering.? On a certain day, users open Outlook and the splash screen disappears immediately after opening and you greeted with an error, “Outlook cannot open….”. You try safe mode and the same thing.

I generally use Fiddler because you can see where traffic is going and the errors. Right, with fiddler running, you launch Outlook again and it crashes as it previously did but you can see an example of the error you will pick up in Fiddler:

Exchange 2016/2019:- flighting is not enabled for domain..oauth_not_available
Exchange 2016/2019:- Flighting is not enabled for domain..oauth_not_available 1

Okay, so you see the error. Here are the possibilities of why it’s not working:

  • You enabled OAuth on all your virtual directories on Exchange but didn’t enable it under OrganizationConfig (command is Get-OrganizationConfig | fl *auth*) and it is set to False.
  • The second possibility is that with AD Connect, you only sync selected folders and a new user is placed in the default OU (Users) and has not synced to Office 365. The user can access OWA and ActiveSync but not Outlook.
  • If the FE server is pointing to Office 365, you need to enable OAuth on your Tenant using the same command as listed above.

So you either need to enable OAuth in Exchange on-premise or move the user to the right OU and wait for the Sync in AD Connect. Once all has synced, Outlook should open without an issue.

Hope it helps.

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