In Exchange you need to configure your URL’s like OAB, ActiveSync,ECP,POP,IMAP and Autodiscover to ensure it is fully operational and matches what you have on your SSL Certificate.

Many times on the forums, we noticed that someone posts a question only to be asked what is your URL or Autodiscover URi set to, and this causes a delay with assisting the person because they need to go find it. If you are new to Exchange, this might seem like a bit of a daunting task.

I thought of creating a PowerShell script that can get that information for you.

Exchange 2013 - checking the url's
Exchange 2013 - Checking the URL's 1

As you can see above, you have the option to get an individual URL, for example, you are asked, what is the URL for OWA set to.

Or if you want to view them all then you can click on the “Get all URL’s” button and it will populate each box with the information.

Take note it might take a few minutes depending on how big your environment is.

If you want to download this PS1 Script, head over to the TechNet Gallery, link below:

Hope it helps.

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