When working in a large environment and checking a lot of Server Status, picking up a content index state in a failed state will take a bit longer to see than if you add color to it.

I created this script so that at any given time you can see whether everything is green or something is red.

The following Paramenters are defined to change color:

“Dismounted” { $params.BackgroundColor = “Red” }
“Running” { $params.BackgroundColor = “DarkGreen” }
“Healthy” { $params.BackgroundColor = “DarkGreen” }
“FailedandSuspended” { $params.BackgroundColor = “Red” }
“Failed” { $params.BackgroundColor = “Red” }
“Suspended” { $params.BackgroundColor = “Yellow” }
“DisconnectedAndHealthy” { $params.BackgroundColor = “Red” }

You can see a snippet below of what it looks like when the script is run. You can modify the color to suit your needs.

DAG Status

You can find the script over at the Technet Gallery:

Hope it helps.