Today I wanted to add another CAS/HUB Server to my environment and encountered a small error which can be fixed with running a command from the EMS.

When I tried to install the CAS role it gave this error:

Action “Update” could not be performed on the object ‘Default Offline Address List’
Error: Exchange server “PF database” was not found. Please make sure you typed the name correctly.

So I dismounted and mounted the PF database and still it didn’t fix the problem. After trying to make changes to the OAB it gave this error as well:

Exchange 2010 server public folder database was not found.

Coming from an Exchange 2003 environment when Exchange 2003 was decommissioned the server was actually looking for a name rather than the DB.

In the EMS I ran the following command:

Move-OfflineAddressBook -Identity “Default Offline Address list” -Server ServerName

Upon going back to the EMC and now going to the properties of the OAB I was able to enable the stuff I wanted enabled. Then from the EMS I ran /roles:clientaccess and the installation went through without any issues.

Hope it helps.

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