DPM 2012 SP1 Installation with local SQL 2012 DB.

 Active Directory Setup:

  • Create 2 groups, one for your DPM admins and one for SQL.
  • Add the user account that is going to administer DPM and SQL to the groups you created above.

Prerequisites List (DPM Server):

  • Install Server 2012 OS
  • Join server to the domain
  • Install all windows updates so the server is fully patched.
  • Add the DPM Admin group that you created above to the Local Administrators Group on the DPM server.

Windows Features Requirement:

  • You need to install .NET 3.5, you can do so by selecting using the GUI of Server Manager or running it from powershell, remember you need to select a source. Replace D: with your drive letter.

Add-WindowsFeature NET-Framework-Core –source D:sourcessxs

Install SQL Server

SQL feature selection

  • Install the features as selected above, optionally you can install the Management tools.

SQL Instance configuration

  • Select a Named Instance, I choose to give it a name that is easily identified, for example HODPM (I removed the name from the screenshot)

SQL Server Configuration

  • Here you need to specify a domain account to use, if this is sandbox installation then a local account is fine. E.G. for the Account name: Domainusername

SQL Database Engine Configuration

  • Select your Authentication method, if you want to use Mixed Mode then to provide a password for the SA account (from experience if this server is hosted on the internet, rather create another account and set a strong password as SA accounts on the Internet are vulnerable)
  • Add in your account or the account that will administrator SQL (as created in Step 1 when the AD accounts and groups were setup)

 Install DPM 2012 SP1

  • Mount the DPM media.
  • I normally right click the install and select “Run As Administrator”

DPM pre check

  • Select “Use an existing instance of SQL Server” and then type in the name of your SQL Instance: YourDPMServerNameYourSQLInstance, click on Check Again.
  • If the connection was successful the “Next” button is not greyed out anymore as shown below.
  • If there are any warnings it will show in the details section. You might get warnings for memory or firewall etc.

DPM pre check with next button

DPM installation settings

  • On the installation Settings screen you can modify where DPM will be installed or accept the defaults and then click the Next button.

DPM Summary of settings

  • Review the Summary and then click Install.

dpm installation complete

  • Once the installation completes it will show as above.

 **Bug with the install ?**

dpm error

  • If you get the above error just re-launch the setup and it will be fine.

Hope it helps.