I created a script from multiple Technet sources that will allow an individual to work quicker and login to less servers and consoles.

This script allows you to create a user in Active Directory, mailbox in Exchange 2013 and Enable the users Lync 2013 Account.

It also sets the users mobile and telephone number attributes in Active directory.


  • Exchange 2013 Management Tools
  • User Account that has access to AD, Exchange and Lync.
  • (If you dont want to install this you can enable the 2 lines of code to create a PSSession to Exchange)

The Read-Host command didnt work too well running it from the Exchange Management Shell or Windows PowerShell so I resorted to using the InputBoxDialog. I import an assembly to allow this function to work.

I have not tested this on Exchange 2010, Lync 2010 or any earlier version of Active Directory.

Change Log:

**V2 now adds the new user to a group that exists in AD**
**V3 now adds the new users Telephone Number in AD**
**V3.1 now adds the new users Mobile Number in AD**
**V3.2 now adds the new users Manager and Company in AD**

I have uploaded it to Technet, here is the address to download it:


Hope it helps.

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