You want to setup delegates on the Lync Client but when you click on Tools you have no option for call forwarding.


Open up the Lync Management Shell and run the following Command:

  • Get-CsUser -Identity “user” | Select-Object identity,@{Name=’ AllowCallForwarding’;Expression={[String]::join(“;”,(Get-CsVoicePolicy –identity $_.voicepolicy.FriendlyName). AllowCallForwarding)}}

The returned info should look like this:

Identity                   AllowCallForwarding

———-                ———————

user                       True

If it doesn’t display true under the AllowCallForwarding section then you need to check on the Lync Server Control Panel if the user has Enterprise Voice enabled.

If you remove the Enterprise Voice option for the user the delegate access should stay.

Hope it helps.

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